Paper Airplane Contest

Paper Airplane Contest

Put your paper airplane crafting skills to the test against your colleagues in this fun distance-based contest. Craft your plane in a set amount of time then line up and see who’s goes the furthest! Prices awarded to the three furthest-traveling planes.

$250 Cash Prize

+ 15 Myers Network Solutions Coins

First Place Winner

$150 Cash Prize

+ 10 Myers Network Solutions Coins

Second Place Winner

$100 Cash Prize

+ 5 Myers Network Solutions Coins

Third Place Winner

Event Information

Contest will be held on the May 12th at 12:00PM by the Myers Network Solutions Conference Room.

Register for this event

To register for this event see Bryan Smith in the Web Department.

Event Rules

  1. Register by Friday, March 6th.
  2. Each participant gets two throws – Furthest throw is scored.
  3. Participants that sign-up must be present at the requested date and time to participate.
  4. No-shows are immediately disqualified.
  5. Paper will be provided, no personal supplies may be used.
  6. Plane must be crafted from a single sheet of paper; no tape, glue or other materials may be used.
  7. Cutting the paper is allowed.
  8. No darts – Plan must provide some glide when thrown.
  9. Due to time constraints, reschedules may be required if challenge runs long.
  10. Drawing designs on your plane is encouraged!

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