Vision, Mission & Core Values

It’s one thing to simply run a business; it’s quite another to create a foundation that touches our clients, builds up our employees, and positively impacts the community. We believe that everything we do must be done with integrity and in accordance with our company mission and values: quality, attentiveness and commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you effectively operate and manage your business using information system technology on a long-term basis to generate more revenue, profits and success in your business by saving you money, improving your customer service and increase your competitive advantage.

In order to achieve this mission, we develop a deep understanding of your business; your goals and problems, the technologies that can help you, and your communication and information management needs.

Why Does Myers Network Solutions Work With Small Businesses And Not The Big Guys?

In many ways, it would be easier to work with large companies that are already established and have achieved a level of success on their own. They are already doing a lot of things right, they have money to invest, an established client base and a good reputation in the marketplace to build on. And, while we could (and have) worked with larger companies, we have chosen to work with small businesses and startups for three main reasons:

First, we find many big firms frustrating to work with. It’s next to impossible to get anything implemented because of all the politics and red tape. Everything is a committee decision that only serves to stall action and water down ideas. Plus, there is a lot of “schmoozing” that has to go on to get in the doors in the first place. We’re not good “schmoozers”. We stand on results and results alone. We don’t usually find any of this with small business owners.

Second, we enjoy the challenge of working with small businesses. All our lives we’ve had to build something from nothing, and that’s what we’ve gotten really great at – scrappy, creative and really, really smart strategies to provide top-quality computer network services at small business prices coupled with really hard work.

Third (and probably most important), we love helping the ‘underdog.’ When a business owner comes to us with a story about how we’ve helped them finally stabilize their computer network and they can now get back to focusing on their business and clients . . . . When the business owner says we’ve increased their employee productivity by 15% which allows them to see some financial success dropping to their bottom line or we’ve finally solved that vendor issue that’s been vexing them for months. . . . we’re totally fulfilled. That gives us far more personal gratification than helping a 100 million dollar firm generate an increase in sales.

We built our business from nothing and we know how hard it can be to start and grow a business when you’ve got to wear many hats, make payroll month by month, getting out client proposals, meet with vendors, and do it all, often during difficult circumstances, and with the world on your shoulders. We’re proud to be that “rock in the storm” maintain critical computer networks, lowering IT costs, increasing employee productivity so our client business owners to focus on their business and clients.

Our Business Soul:

  • To always give our clients products and services that exceeds their expectations.
  • To earn the trust and respect of our clients through kept promises and honesty.
  • To proactively contribute to not only our clients’ financial success, but also their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • To make a positive contribution in some small way to every person we have the opportunity to touch.

Core Values

Quality Employees: Skills & Training

With one phone call, an onsite visit and some detailed information about your business’ unique IT requirements, goals and expectations, you can immediately have a team of IT professionals on the phone or at your door, resolving your computer network issues, whether remotely or onsite — on time, properly trained and prepared to meet your computer networking needs.

Our network engineer and technician application process includes written testing, oral interviews and hands-on demonstration of competency in internal and external networks, working knowledge of Firewalls, IP, DNS and Microsoft Server and Office Technologies as well as experience with system virtualization. Documented Microsoft and VMware training and certifications are required. In addition, we provide our technicians with educational incentives to continue their network certification training. We also maintain a record of staff members’ performance based on client feedback from previous remote and onsite projects.

Attentive Customer Service: Our MyersCARE Customer Service Promise.

As a company built by and for small and mid-size businesses, we are obsessed with superior customer service. It’s what we call the MyersCARE Promise: consistent and constant attention to each client by trusted, certified and dedicated network engineers and administrative staff who understand small business challenges and the importance of efficient network problem resolution.

Our customer service focus translates across every area of the company, from our engineers who proactively prevent downtime, data loss, and other disasters and rapidly resolve network issues when they do appear. From local friendly help desk services, onsite at client offices for quarterly technology meetings, from office staff answering questions, interns completing back office network projects, accounting staff; our priority is to impress you, your employees and your customers and give you peace of mind, we’ve got your computer network covered.

MyersCARE Customer Service Guarantee:

We are a fully licensed and insured corporation. As members of the Los Gatos, Campbell and San Jose Chamber of Commerce, CompTIA Providers and the Better Business Bureau, we take our reputation seriously and guarantee our service. Call us if you are ever dissatisfied with any service we’ve provided. We will work with you to correct or repeat the service at no additional charge. If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, we will refund 100% of the money you paid us for the service. No hassle . . . no problem.

Why We Care

It’s one thing to simply run a business; it’s quite another to do it in such a way that we touch our clients, build our employees up, give to the community and believe that everything we do must be done with integrity and in accordance to our company values. These values are lived out in our business decisions.


We pay close attention to our clients’ needs in order to make their job as stress-free as possible.

Yes-We-Can Attitude

We approach everything with this spirit – from help desk requests to network installations.


We empower people through commitment, generosity, and professionalism.


Whether it is the expectation of our client, or the opportunity of meaningful employment for those who work hard, we are advocates of people.


We give to our local communities and internationally in significant ways, regardless of our bottom line.

Net Profits

We will assist our clients in realizing real competitive business advantages by monitoring, maintaining, and securing their technology solutions to increase their revenue opportunities while reducing costs.


We intentionally invest in our business so that our desire for excellence will be rewarding to our employees and clients.


We guarantee exceptional service and experience through effectively trained and tested employees.

Waste Not, Want Not

We will be respectful of client, vendor and company possessions and time so as to not waste limited resources.


We will strive to be observant, with the attitude of seeing “the most we can do” for the client instead of “the least we can do”.


We will continually pursue higher levels of service and response.

Kindly Spoken, Be Positive

We will be positive in our comments of all MNS clients, vendors, prospects, employees, competitors; past and present.

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