Myers Network Solutions’ website maintenance service provides added protection and insight on your WordPress website with a suite of features which take the headache out of maintenance for a low, fixed monthly cost. We cover a range of services including backups, updates, optimization, vulnerability tracking and traffic reports.*

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Security Updates
  • Google Analytics Included
  • Monthly Reports
  • Rapid Response

Your website, supercharged

With the website maintenance service, our team of developers will maintain the optimal security and performance of your website through the features detailed below.

Outdated plugins present vulnerabilities to your website and your company’s online image. We’ll take the headache out of keeping your website up-to-date and secure, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

In addition to security, we’ll provide you with insight on how your website is performing in contrast to your competitors and how your guests interact with your website content. All of this information is composed into a simple client report which we can schedule to deliver right to your inbox monthly.

Maintenance services


We’ll ensure your website software is up-to-date which ensures your client-facing features work for your guests, as well as providing protection against would-be hackers from gaining access to your data.


Gain insights on the health of your website with our optimization report which covers factors that can affect speed, performance and accessibility for your guests.


With our maintenance service, you’ll have access to daily and on-demand backups which can play a critical role to introducing large features or changes by allowing us to roll your website back to a working state.

SEO Ranking

Find your competitors and see how your website stacks up against them with our search engine optimization report which shows your rankings by keyword and geographic location.


Get a detailed overview of the number of sessions, returning visitors, social media, organic searches, pageviews, time on site and bounce rate for guests visiting your website.

Spam Removal

We’ll remove Spam comments from advertising bots, ensuring your guests are not lead from your website to potentially malicious third-party websites.

Uptime Monitor

We’ll track the uptime of your website and provide you with a monthly report, detailing any outages which will provide us with insight on how to better optimize your website.

Client Report

All the features listed here are combined into a recurring website health reporting delivered directly to your inbox! We’ll take care of everything and notify you of any major concerns.

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