No hassle broadband fiber for business.

With speeds from 1 megabit to over 10 gigabits. Too fast? Our 100 Megabit service is only $699 per month!

Internet Solutions that Connect You to the World

Myers Network Solutions provides our customers with the most reliable and affordable high-speed Fiber Internet service throughout California, including optional 3-day installation, local support, and personal service guaranteed!


Connect multiple devices throughout your business without losing upload speeds. Myers Network Solutions Fiber has the capacity to handle your business’ computers, tablets, and smartphones data streaming.
Fiber allows businesses to hold lag-free video conferences and stream high definition videos on multiple devices. With faster speeds then normal DSL internet you can connect with clients and vendors almost instantly.
With experienced technicians that know Fiber from installation to maintenance you will get 24/7 technical support at no additional cost.
Instantly exchange your business’ data without skipping a beat. You can upload, download, and back up your data at a speed that will make your DSL internet look like dialup.

Add-on Services

Managed Support Services

Myers Network Solutions combines Technology Consulting, Server and Workstation Management, a 24/7 Help Desk, and many of our Myers Network Solutions|Cloud services into a purpose-built and highly-efficient IT powerhouse called Xobee|360.

VoIP Business Phones

Our VoIP service offers state of the art connectivity with complete customization. It can be as basic, or robust, as your needs require. Our flat rate pricing model provides cost stability with no initial investment.
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