BYOB: Bring Your Own Famous Software Server Licensing

We built our cloud on state of the art technologies so you don’t have to. We removed the headache of servers and infrastructure so you can focus on what is important to you; your business. Our scalable cloud is able to provide infrastructure for one user or 10,000 users. We offer fully managed cloud servers to run your business or dedicated computer time if you just need to expand your onsite infrastructure.

Plans starting at

$ 50 per user
per month


Why the Cloud?

Are you tired of a tangle of servers and the capital to support them? Let us build you a custom hosting solution to move your business to the cloud. We can architect a solution to meet any performance or compliance requirements for your business. The cloud eliminates the need for expensive servers, networks, and storage in your office. Here are a few reasons our customers enjoy moving to a cloud powered by Myers Network Solutions.

Cost Effective

The cloud eliminates the need for physical servers and replacing them every 3-5 years. Our solutions can often cut your infrastructure costs in half.


Your data is secured in our Level 3 datacenter and secured by 3 factor authentication. With Myers Network Solutions you will never have to worry about data loss due to physical theft, fire, or vandalism.


Your cloud servers reside in our server clusters in top tier datacenters. Our infrastructure runs on ECC memory, enterprise tiered storage, redundant power, and redundant data from end to end.

Fully Managed

We build every tenant environment on demand to meet your exact needs. Our engineers will work with you to customize your environment to meet your needs and ensure your business’ success.

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