WAC Service Level Agreement

Web Accessibility Compliance SLA

Myers Network Solutions offers a Web Accessibility Compliance service to minimize risk of accessibility lawsuits for businesses and organizations. This SLA (Service Level Agreement) defines the product’s offerings, assurances, assumptions and the agreement between Myers Network Solutions and the client.

The Web Accessibility Compliance tool is installed into a client’s website using a script which presents guests with a collection of accessibility tools for on-demand use as they browse the website. The tool’s customization are limited to background and icon color elements. Page adjustments cannot be modified to ensure compliance is not affected.

The tool provides adjustments and features that meet the requirements of WCAG 2.1 level AA.  The tool also provides features to also meet ADA Title III, Section 508 and EN 301549 and IS 5568 requirements.


Myers Network Solutions does not provide indemnification, protections or other forms of legal defense for clients utilizing the Web Accessibility Compliance service. While the service is highly effective and meets compliance requirements, it offers no guarantee of protections against possible complaints. Furthermore, it is possible for elements on the website posing compliance issues that the service may be unable to resolve without manual adjustments.

For example, a collage of images merged into a single file and displayed on a website may not be properly interpreted by the tool which will pose accessibility issues for guests with vision disabilities. This may require a Myers Network Solutions developer to separate the imagery allowing the service to properly identify the photos for affected guests. Myers Network Solutions will put forth it’s best efforts to identify and resolve these types of possible issues during the onboarding process.

Myers Network Solutions will not be held liable to the client or any third party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or other special damages.

Complaint / demand letter procedure

The Web Accessibility Compliance tool protects against most (estimated 90%) possible complaints guests may have regarding web accessibility immediately forty-eight (48) hours after installation. However, in the event that a customer receives a complaint, demand letter or other form of contact from an outside entity such as a law firm related to web accessibility issues/demands, the following procedures should be taken:

  1. Client should immediately inform Myers Network Solutions staff
  2. Client should direct reporting party to their Accessibility Statement using the tool on their website.
    1. The Accessibility Statement documents all of the enhancements, features and tools that our service provides.
    2. The reporting party may not be aware of one or more features already offered.
    3. To access the Accessibility Statement:
      1. Open the tool by clicking the accessibility icon
      2. Click the “Statement” button on the lower-right corner of the tool
  3. If the Accessibility Statement does not resolve the complaint/concern from the reporting party, the client should communicate with Myers Network Solutions staff regarding the specifics of the complaint for further evaluation.
  4. If Myers Network Solutions is able to prove that the accessibility tool resolves the issue/complaint reported, our team will perform a screen recording session showing how to use the relevant features.
    1. The recording file will be provided to the client to be distributed to the reporting party.
  5. If the reported issue(s) require manual adjustments to website content, Myers Network Solutions will provide the client with consultation regarding cost and speed of delivery.

Myers Network Solutions staff should only communicate with the client unless the reporting party requires direct communication with the web development team.

Onboarding procedure

Upon execution of the agreement to the Web Accessibility Service, Myers Network Solutions will begin the installation process at our earliest availability. The process usually takes less than twenty-four (24) hours. Myers Network Solutions will first install the script on the website on the website and perform color customization adjustments, then test and verify functionality.

After successful installation, Myers Network Solutions’s team will perform a detailed series of tests to verify that the tool meets WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance. If we identify compatibility concerns along the way, we’ll discuss those with you and/or make adjustments as needed. The tool features machine learning technology that automatically analyzes the client’s website’s content to perform compliance enhancements – This process usually takes under forty-eight (48) hours to complete.

Service pricing

For websites with less than fifty (50) pages, the cost for the service is six hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($699) per year, renewed annually automatically. For websites with greater than fifty (50) pages, custom pricing may be provided. The adjusted cost ensures Myers Network Solutions’s team has sufficient time to properly analyze all of the website’s content. The service renews annually automatically, but may be cancelled at any time for a prorated discount/refund to be determined by Myers Network Solutions’s billing team. Any previously performed labor costs are non-refundable.

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