Day of Rest Policy

Employees are provided at least one day of rest in each workweek, except as otherwise provided by law. The day of rest will be 24 consecutive off-duty hours. If the nature of the employment reasonably requires that the employee work seven consecutive days during the workweek, the equivalent of one day’s rest in seven will be provided in each calendar month. Employees may be required to work seven days in a workweek if the employee works not more than 30 hours in the workweek and does not exceed six hours in any day during the workweek.

Nothing in this policy prevents an employee from voluntarily accepting work for seven days in a workweek. Any work on the seventh day of the workweek will be paid overtime according to seventh day overtime rules.

Employees who want to work seven days in the workweek should notify the Company in writing. A form will be made available for employees to express their desire to work seven days in the workweek. Employees can withdraw their request at any time by notifying [Human Resources] in writing. Employees will not be retaliated against for refusing to volunteer to work seven days in a workweek or withdrawing their request to take a day of rest.

If an employee ever feels that the employee is being coerced, required, induced, or encouraged to work seven days in a workweek, the employee should inform the employee’s supervisor or [Human Resources] immediately. If an employee is aware that this policy is being violated, you must complete the form entitled “Employee Time Record Notice” immediately and submit it to the Human Resources Manager.

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